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Finally finished my application for the video game course, it feels so good and now there's variety in it and not just digital drawings, probably why I didn't get anywhere before.

But yes! Now I can finally draw all the porn silly art I want!


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Main fandoms:
- Etrian Odyssey
- Lethal League
- Mega Man [Classic & Battle Network]
- Pokémon
- Steven Universe
- Violinist of Hameln

Smaller fandoms:
- Chrono Trigger
- Final Fantasy [I-VII]
- Mega Man [Legends]

Even smaller fandoms:
- Legend of Zelda
- Mega Man [ZX & Star Force]
- Metroid
- Ratchet & Clank [PS2 era only]
- Super Mario
- Team Fortress 2


Lethal League OC - Breaker by MrTwinklehead
Lethal League OC - Breaker

My first Lethal League OC who goes by the name Breaker, she’s a professional kick boxer and enters the ring in Lethal League just how she would at home. With no external weapons, she uses her own personal strength to punch and kick the living shit out of the ball.

She also has an older sister who goes by the name of Mystic, but I haven’t really come up with any good designs for her yet.

Apollo NPC application: Fran's parents by MrTwinklehead
Apollo NPC application: Fran's parents

I hope it's okay that they both appear on the same form, felt kinda unneccesary to split them apart if I could fit them both into one. Plus they're rarely away from each other.

:bulletpurple:Name: Anya Samantha Irving
:bulletpurple:Nicknames: Sugar (from Jack) Mom, Mum (from Fran)
:bulletpurple:Age: 45
:bulletpurple:Hometown: Lavaridge
:bulletpurple:Region: Unova
:bulletpurple:Height: 1,60 m/5 ft 2.99 in
:bulletpurple:Weight: 70 kg/154lb
:bulletpurple:Personality: A calm and realistic woman.
:bulletpurple:Bio: Born in Hoenn, Anya was a stewardess who felt for the longest time, despite a good life, that she needed something else. When her plane arrived to Unova one day, she found herself losing an important item (whenever Fran asked what it was, she doesn't reply) which was later found by Frank and later given back to her by Jack. Having a couple of days free, the two decided to get to know each other and it wasn't long until Anya felt her life being complete. Not wanting to leave, she confessed her feelings for Jack, who wasn't too sure himself, even though he did like her but the two decided to give a chance. After three months, the two contacted their parents and told them about their significant other. One year later, the two got engaged, six months after that, they got married and a year later Anya was pregnant with Fran.

:bulletpurple:Name: Jack Irving
:bulletpurple:Nicknames: Sweetie, Pumpkin (from Anya) Dad, Jacko (from Fran)
:bulletpurple:Age: 48
:bulletpurple:Hometown: Castelia
:bulletpurple:Region: Unova
:bulletpurple:Height: 1,75 m/5 ft 8.9 in
:bulletpurple:Weight: 89 kg/196lb
:bulletpurple:Personality: Very outgoing and optimistic. Jack is a loving husband, father and friend to many of those around him.
:bulletpurple:Bio: Comes from a family of teachers, all of which hoped the same would become of him. He had started his studies for so, but on the way home from school he saw some young people dump an egg into a trashcan. Not allowing the poor creature die, Jack took it home and nutured it and eventually Frank was born from the egg. Jack decided to travel with Frank and as he travelled, he realized how many Zubats where being abandoned around him and it made his heart sink. It was then that Jack decided he would take care of any released Zubat, Golbat or Crobat and settled down right outside of Accumula. He had recieved a call from a trainer that had found a hurt and alone Crobat the time he first met Anya.

:bulletblue:Name: Luna
:bulletblue:Species: Delcatty
:bulletblue:Gender: Male
:bulletblue:Personality: Is actually Fran's Pokémon, but ever since Anya first saw him as a Skitty, she have spoiled him to the point where Luna rather be with her than with Fran. He is willing to hang with Fran if there is lots of affection to be had. Generally lazy, but is also very cocky.
:bulletblue:Moves: Captivate/Attract/Wake-Up Slap/Fake Out

:bulletblue:Name: Frank
:bulletblue:Species: Crobat
:bulletblue:Gender: Male
:bulletblue:Personality: The father of Amity. He's rather relaxed and would much rather just take a nap than battle. Jack have told him where he found him and though it initially made Frank mad, the fact he was alive made him more loyal to Jack.
:bulletblue:Moves: Roost/Acrobatics/Poison Fang/Confuse Ray

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Dracozombie Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Heh, so I was thinking I could totally get a solid story if I revamped Something's Wrong (yes, a revamp of a revamp) by ditching all the paranormal/Silent Hill elements and making a straight up story of Elecman's consciousness trying to overtake Quickman's body and making it look like he's going insane.  Because, when I was rereading it, I honestly found myself skimming Quickman's romps through Big Creepy City and paying more attention to the other Robot Masters' reactions to him seemingly going homicidal/insane, and Quickman dealing with the fallout.

btw, I totally haven't forgotten your birthday fic with the MM10 Robot Masters.  I was just... yeah.
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