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I'm gonna be honest I fucking love OCTs, but I also have a lot of issues with them.

- I love them because they make me brainstorm characters, both old and new, and I can go from having nothing to having a character I've absolutely fallen in love with.
- I love them because I get into making comics, a media I pretty much NEVER touch otherwise.
- I love them because I get to see so many cool people and their characters.
- I love them because they give me something to do, something a NEET like me really need as I struggle to decide what I'll do with my life and ever-growing anxiety.

- I don't love them because when I fall behind, my anxiety just absolutely BURSTS out of control, causing me to fall even further behind and then I'm in a bad spiral of absolute self-loathing.
- I don't love them because I get jelaous of my fellow contestants and I suck at making new friends, yet I always tell myself that everyone else becomes friends with each other and it makes me feel left out.
- I don't love them because I never feel like I make my opponents justice.

And these are just some reasons why I have a love/hate relationship with OCTs. Sometimes I wonder if I should just stop, drop and roll out of the OCT scene, but something will always bring me back, even just something little like a glimmer of hope.



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OCT progress status:
- Extras
--- Wardrobe meme: Sketching
--- Gijinka meme: Concepting

Prepare for Y2!
- Extras
--- Height chart: Work In Progress

Round 3:
- Sketch
----Deadline: Already over, lol

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[AMOCTY2] Fran Irving

She returns! Now with more confidence and more fire power! òvó gallery:


:bulletorange:Name: Audrey Kayden Frances Irving
:bulletorange:Nickname: Fran
:bulletorange:Age: 24
:bulletorange:Gender: Female, she/her
:bulletorange:Hometown/Region: Accumula Town/Unova
:bulletorange:Height: 1,71m/5'7"
:bulletorange:Weight: 83kg/182lb

:bulletorange:Personality: A very respectful trainer who's a good sport, accepting a loss as a loss and complements her opponent upon a victory. She's always interested in learning new things and strategies and to know new people.
Get on her bad side though and she will take anything you say with a massive grain of salt. She won't hide her general disdain and for the love of all holy, DON'T INSULT HER POKEMON! She has punched people before because of it, she won't hesitate to do it again. But hey! If you're not a dick, she'll treat you with respect.

:bulletorange:Background: Born and raised in Unova, this trainer was brought up on love and respect, for one self and those around. While many would say "too many Zubats", Fran will say "never too many Zubats" from her never-ending love for the adorable creatures, having lived around them and their evolutions her entire childhood, what with her father owning an orphanage for the critters that she hopes to inherit. While her endeavours as a trainer has been rough, with many oddballs on her team, she just loved travelling and doing her best in the challenges she faced. And if anything, she loved meeting new people and learning about them, their past and their pokemon.

:bulletorange:After Y1: A sense of guilt hung over Fran like a thick fog, she kept saying "if only I had stopped that man that day, it wouldn't have happened". She had convinced herself she was the one to blame for the rampaging Lugia that tormented the island during the final day of the tournament, and while she kept her happy exterior around her parents, they could see it eating her from the inside.

It was only with the combined efforts of her dad and professor Juniper that Fran was finally able to climb back up and get energized about being a trainer again. Once her father fully recovered, Fran began to slowly start training again, not just her body but also her mind. With encouraging words from those she met, trainers, gym leaders and other people in general, her spirit was revived.

Having learned of the power that is Mega Evolution first hand, Fran would eventually return to Kalos for a period of six months, not to just continue the gym challenges she had started there, but also to learn about the strange power in person. It was hard on her and her partner of choice, Nirav, they both went through tons of self-reflection and in case of the latter one, therapy as well. But in the end they both succeeded to fully unlock the power of Mega Evolution, strengthening their already strong bond.
Coming along nicely, Fran eventually returned home to Unova to continue her training on familiar grounds, switching between being a trainer and travelling the region and working at her father's orphanage.

Pokemon 1

:bulletred:Name: Nirav
:bulletred:Species: Medicham
:bulletred:Gender: Male
:bulletred:Ability: Pure Power
:bulletred:Item: Medichamite
:bulletred:Pokeball: Regular
:bulletred:Personality: Having experienced the chaos of the first tournament and sharing Fran's desire to being able to protect others, Nirav is a changed pokemon from the last time he was in Apollo. A more determined and less frigthened Medicham, he can prove that one can overcome ones past fears, having personally overcome his past cryophobia. He fights for his trainer and his team mates, thriving on overcoming obstacles and becoming stronger while doing so. He's a good sport, showing respect for anyone who bests him in battle.
:bulletred:Moves: Zen Headbutt/High Jump Kick/Fire Punch/Recover

Pokemon 2

:bulletred:Name: Dolores
:bulletred:Species: Cofagrigus (variant, Garbodor father)
:bulletred:Gender: Female
:bulletred:Ability: Mummy
:bulletred:Item: Leftovers
:bulletred:Pokeball: Regular
:bulletred:Personality: Cheerful and loud, Dolores is an expressive Cofagrigus that lives the day like no other. Happy to be where she is, she's eternally grateful for the massive risk Fran took to get her out of the hands of her original abusive trainer. She loves a good challenge but also a good nap. Actually, she's a bit of a kleptomania, but only when it comes to food, might be that Garbodor blood in her.
:bulletred:Moves: Dark Pulse/Toxic Spike/Protect/Trick Room

Pokemon 3

:bulletred:Name: Hyacinth
:bulletred:Species: Cherrim
:bulletred:Gender: Female
:bulletred:Ability: Flower Gift
:bulletred:Item: Power Herb
:bulletred:Pokeball Premier
:bulletred:Personality: Originally living with the Irving's waiting for her original trainer to come pick her up, she spent her free time relaxing and playing with the other people and pokemon that resided in the house. After several years of spectacting, seeing the training sessions they had made her want to get into action herself and she persistently encouraged Fran to put her on her team as a new team mate until she agreed. Set to prove she is a force to be reckoned with, Hyacinth is stubborn in battle, pushing herself to try and outdo her opponents and finds battles a surprisingly entertaining thing to partake in and it shows.
:bulletred:Moves: Magical Leaf/Hidden Power (Water)/Solar Beam/Leech Seed

Pokemon 4

:bulletred:Name: Jian
:bulletred:Species: Emboar
:bulletred:Gender: Female
:bulletred:Ability: Blaze
:bulletred:Item: Sitrus Berry
:bulletred:Pokeball: Regular
:bulletred:Personality: Loyal to Fran, she wishes to protect her with all her might; meaning if she ever sees anyone as a threat to Fran's health she will stand in-between and try and make herself as a big as possible. She tries to intimidate her opponents in battle so she can overpower them with her massive build. She is a massive sweetheart otherwise and actually a bit shy, not actually comfortable making eye contact besides Fran and the rest of the Pokemon.
:bulletred:Moves: Heat Crash/Brick Break/Head Smash/Poison Jab

Pokemon 5

:bulletred:Name: Lux
:bulletred:Species: Jolteon
:bulletred:Gender: Female
:bulletred:Ability: Quick Feet
:bulletred:Item: Magnet
:bulletred:Pokeball: Regular
:bulletred:Personality: Being a young Pokemon, Lux is a highly curious creature with lots of energy. While she won't stray far from Fran, she is more than willing to interact with new people. She likes to be petted and will show her desire to be petted by nudging and rubbing her forehead on peoples legs (and should she really need petting, she'll start licking too). Should she be scared, she will run and try to hide between Fran's legs.
:bulletred:Moves: Thunderbolt/Swift/Shadow Ball/Double Team

Pokemon 6

:bulletred:Name: Liam
:bulletred:Species: Slurpuff
:bulletred:Gender: Male
:bulletred:Abilty: Sweet Veil
:bulletred:Item: Life Orb
:bulletred:Pokeball: Premier
:bulletred:Personality: This little guy loves interacting with other, though he has a severe lack of understanding the concept of personal space and is actually also a bit of an air head. As if constantly listening to a good tune, Liam's is almost always bouncing and swaying in a rhytmic pattern. This pattern seems to come with him into battle as he seems to dance his way around the field when he's not up in the face of his opponent.
:bulletred:Moves: Draining Kiss/Flamethrower/Play Rough/Belly Drum
[JOCT] Height Chart

A height chart for rude boy Felix and his team. I used this here template.

Fun fact: When I was first reading up on heights on Bulbapedia, I accidentally focused on the metric side. So I thought for the longest time Sableye would only reach the first line. I eventually figured something was wrong when everyone else wasn't much longer.


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Anti-social hermit would be written on my business card, assuming I'd have a reason to have one. At least you have work, I'm unfortunately a neet.
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But hey, let me know some of the stuff that has happened to you since we last talked! : O
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