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Finally finished my application for the video game course, it feels so good and now there's variety in it and not just digital drawings, probably why I didn't get anywhere before.

But yes! Now I can finally draw all the porn silly art I want!


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Tumblr - NSFW blog
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YouTube - Second channel
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For stamps:

Main fandoms:
- Etrian Odyssey
- Mega Man [Classic & Battle Network]
- Pokémon
- Steven Universe
- Violinist of Hameln

Smaller fandoms:
- Chrono Trigger
- Final Fantasy [I-VII]
- Mega Man [Legends]

Even smaller fandoms:
- Legend of Zelda
- Mega Man [ZX & Star Force]
- Metroid
- Ratchet & Clank [PS2 era only]
- Super Mario
- Team Fortress 2


Apollo Contestant App: Fran by MrTwinklehead
Apollo Contestant App: Fran
For :iconapollometropolis:

:bulletpurple:Name: Audrey Kayden Frances Irving
:bulletpurple:Nickname: Fran
:bulletpurple:Age: 20
:bulletpurple:Gender: Female
:bulletpurple:Hometown: Accumula Town
:bulletpurple:Region: Unova
:bulletpurple:Height: 1,65m/5ft 4in
:bulletpurple:Weight: 87kg/187lb
:bulletpurple:Personality: A generally calm and reserved girl. She doesn't really see anything special about herself but finds it okay to be what she considers normal. Finds most things interesting and likes to observe most situations before taking action, if any at all. Is extremely protective of her Pokémon and items, but always worry that it will make them dislike her (Hint: They don't, they love her for it).
:bulletpurple:Bio: Born and raised outside Accumula in Unova, she was raised to be kind to anyone so she has become pretty naive.  Her father was a caretaker of abandoned Zubats which made Fran love them to bits as she played with them as a kid. When she turned 13, she wanted to travel Unova with Amity to see more of the world. She instantly fell in love with the feeling of freedom and she didn't come home again for several years. While she remained in Unova for 5 of those years, she eventually travelled to Kalos and remained there for 2 years before she came back home due to growing homesick.

Pokemon 1

:bulletblue:Name: Amity
:bulletblue:Species: Crobat
:bulletblue:Gender: Female
:bulletblue:Personality: While she may look intimidating, Amity is one of the sweetest Crobats you'll ever meet and she loves to snuggle with her trainer. Fran's first Pokemon that she recieved as an egg from her father when she turned 10 and is actually a child of her father's own Crobat.
:bulletblue:Moves: Cross Poison/Air Cutter/Return/Double Team

Pokemon 2

:bulletblue:Name: Nirav
:bulletblue:Species: Medicham
:bulletblue:Gender: Male
:bulletblue:Personality: Clingy to his trainer, Nirav is very cautious to his trainer's well being and whenever possible wishes to hold her hand. He gets anxious with Ice types around due to an accident from when he was younger.
:bulletblue:Moves: Zen Headbutt/Drain Punch/Protect/Fire Punch

Pokemon 3

:bulletblue:Name: Myron
:bulletblue:Species: Leavanny
:bulletblue:Gender: Male
:bulletblue:Personality: Without a doubt the most battle happy of the trio to the point of being overconfident no matter the opponent. Outside of battle he's pretty playful and even sassy.
:bulletblue:Moves: Leaf Blade/X-Scissor/Shadow Claw/Sticky Web

Additional references:
Influence Map Update by MrTwinklehead
Influence Map Update
Influence Map Template

Mikuba's Influence Map <-- Old version


Row 1:
Violinist of Hameln
My favorite manga that hits all the spots: It gets me excited, it gets me laughing, it gets me anxious and it makes me cry, all for the right reasons. With romance that I actually tolerate and outright love (haha), Violinist of Hameln is an underappreciated series that really deserves a new animated series true to its original content. With a comfy style and cool, cosplay worthy designs, Violinist of Hameln is something I would not want to forget.

Lethal League
While the game only has six playable characters, Team Reptile decided to go with quality over quantity and I honestly can't say I don't like any of the characters. Sure, they're design is not complex, but they got the personality to make up for it. (Besides, who said characters needed to have complex designs to be good?)

Horror (representated by Five Nights At Freddy)
What fascinates me about horror is the sheer diversity this genre can do. It can be gritty, with ton of gore and violence, but it can also be colourful and even funny and times. It can make you discover new fears and make old ones resurface. I decided to let FNAF represent horror because it is simple in concept: Take Chuck E Cheese and slap some stress managment with jump scares as punishment, hide some creepy lore and you got something rememberable. But yeah, horror is fascinating because it could be either just quick scares that will make your heart skip a beat, but there's also the kind that crawls under your skin and makes you uneasy. Yummy~

Row 2:
Mega Man series
Any longtime follower of mine knows that Mega Man means a lot to me. The most important part being the friends I made through it who have shaped in one way or another and I love you all. <3

Street fashion
When it comes to street fashion, it's pretty simple really. It's stuff you see on the street and I just so happens to like observing what people are wearing and perhaps get inspired to try and give someone such outfits. I would probably say that I mostly look at Japanese street fashion, because it can be in so many places at once.
(image from Japanese Streets)

Steven Universe

Similiar to Lethal League, Steven Universe is a show that proves that complex designs doesn't make a good character. With their just-right level of detail, the show focuses more on personality and relationships and boy is this a lovely show for just that. Why did I not start watching this show sooner?

Row 3:
Robots (representated by Portal)
Man, robots are great, aren't they? They can come in so many forms and still be just as lovely as anything else. Portal has probably the style of robots I like the most: sleek and interesting. I guess that's why people love Portal, including myself. Also, they're kinda goofy in personality, that helps too.

The mere concept of PsychoNauts is something I've loved since childhood. Secret agents + psychic powers with an artstyle reminding of Tim Burton? That's pretty neat! The idea that everyones minds look different makes you wonder "what would my mind look like in the PsychoNauts universe?" and trying to figuring it out.


A childhood dream for many people was to be a Pokémon Trainer, to leave hom and travel with your trusty partner. I still daydream about it every now and then with more then 10 years since I first was introduced to Pokémon with the animated series which I picked up again with the XY series and loving it again. This series makes me feel like a child, filled with dreams and joy, it's no wonder it's my favorite video game series.

Row 4:
Sonic the Hedgehog
(Yeah I used a Sonic Boom picture, I like all of the designs, fight me!) I don't really know what to say about Sonic and friends. I haven't even played that many Sonic games and they're mostly of the newer generation. But there is something about this series that I like. Could be gameplay or the characters. Who knows?

Mark is probably one of the sweetest guys I've ever gotten to know without actually knowing him in person. His genuinely caring nature for all his viewers makes me smile and his continued encouragement to us all is an inspiration to many, me included.

Junji Ito

This guy may or may not have unlocked my interests in horror. Uzumaki was such a weird journey, Gyo was a really strange trip and many of his short stories had me staring at the last page as my mind was computing what I had just read. Needless to say, I'm glad Junji Ito have become a part of my life.

Row 4:
Akira Toriyama
If it wasn't for Dragon Ball I wouldn't have become interested in drawing and well... I wouldn't be having this account and I wouldn't have met you guys. It also doesn't help that Akira did art for my favorite game of all time, Chrono Trigger.

Eiichiro Oda

While in the base it's an adventure comedy, One Piece can be deep and highly relatable with fun characters of many kinds.

Row 5:
Yoshitaka Amano
My favorite artist, his work is beautiful. Needless to say, if I could mimic one artist flawlessly, it'd be this guy.

Final Fantasy

One of the oldest series I got into and while I'm not as active in playing them anymore, there is no doubt this series have put a thing or two into my head.

Row 6:
Etrian Odyssey
One of my favorite video game series, it has a nice variety of characters in the main series (although I felt that EO4 lost some variety). It encourages imagination as it is heavily text based as you explore the dungeon.

Row 7:
Ninja cleaners. Nuff said. (And I mean... It has a nice soundtrack.)

Metal Slug

Pure sprite work wise, Metal Slug has in my opinion probably the best work because holy shit... Have you seen some of it? The bosses especially, so big, so fluent!

Row 8:
Ninja Baseball Bat Man
Colorful ninjas beating the shit out of animated objects related to baseball in a quirky game? Heck yeah I'm sold!

So Pokémon got its own section, that's just how much it means to me but Nintendo in general is such a big source of inspiration. There's the happy simple Mario, the breath taking beautiful Legend of Zelda and the lonesome and possibly even scary at times Metroid. Sure, they're losing money, but unlike some companies (you know the ones) Nintendo actually still dares to try with new IPs and what not.

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